Built in 1902, this Chinese freighter was the target of a U.S. sting operation from the moment the ship left a Chinese port in June 1996 en route to Bermuda with a cargo of more than 80 illegal immigrants hoping to reach the U.S. The Xing Da and her crew were captured in 1997 about 140 miles off Bermuda by the U.S. Coast Guard and a contingent of U.S. Marines. The ship was towed to Bermuda, and after negotiations with the Bermuda Government, the vessel was sunk on May 15, 1997 in over 100 feet of water.


The Xing Da landed even-keeled and upright in a sand hole on the seaward edge of Bermuda’s northwest-facing barrier reef. The location was selected because it would be accessible to most dive shops. The wreck is so broken up and spread out that it takes several dives to see it all, the site is considered ‘no longer suitable’ for diving because of its depth (over 100 feet) and because a storm largely broke the Xing Da apart. Other than the removal of trash, fuel, waste and all her bulkhead doors, the Xing Da was left fully intact with all superstructure, deck machinery and booms as they were when she was captured.


Location: 32°24'53.39"N, 64°54'28.80"W    Length: 221 feet (67.3 meters)    Maximum Depth: 104 feet (31.7 meters)    Protected Area Radius - No Fishing: 300m