North Rock is located approximately seven miles from the east end of Bermuda. It is considered one of the crown jewels of Bermuda’s reef system and has arguably some of the most attractive coarse pink sand on the platform. It is considered an excellent dive and snorkeling site with depths ranging from 3 to 30 feet with beautiful coral reefs, massive purple sea fans and fish in crystal-clear waters. Many ships have wrecked on or around the North Rock and today a large 70 foot tall black over yellow banded beacon, a Northern Cardinal Mark, sits atop the reef. The words NORTH ROCK are emblazoned near the top of the tower in white over a black background and the light flashes in a group flash white (4) every 20 seconds. The Beacon is visible form 12 miles and has a radar reflector.


Location:: 32°28'26.47"N, 64°46'6.96"W   Protected Area Radius - No Fishing: 1000m