Also known as “Kevin’s Wreck”, the Gleana was a converted salvage schooner lost by the Lusher Brothers during the salvage of the Minnie Breslauer. The salvage ship was left at anchor at the site while the crew came ashore to sit out a storm and drink the wine they salvaged. The Gleana broke free, smashed against the reef close to shore between East Whale Bay (also known as Princess Beach or Whaler Inn) and Cross Bay, and sank (circa 1900). Some of the objects salvaged included 160-pound lead ingots bearing marks from a Portuguese foundry. Several of these can be seen at the Bermdua Underwater Exploration Institute’s shipwreck gallery in Hamilton.


The wreck is clearly identified by its keelson, with drift pins still visible above the wood. The ballast is curiously strewn above the sand hole holding the keelson encrusted into the reef – suggesting that the ship sat on the reef breaking apart and dumping her ballast before slipping down into the deeper reef crack. The site has amazing chasms on all sides, and experienced dive guides take divers on swim-throughs at the site.


Location: 32°14'41.86"N, 64°49'37.56"W    Maximum Depth: 30 feet (9 meters)